Tips for Care & Maintenance of Furniture

‘The more you care, the longer they live’ this is what we say to everyone who ask us what’s the durability and life of furniture. The way you take care of your vehicles by regular washing, timely servicing, fueling and oiling your furniture also needs same care to remain strong, shining and attractive for a longer time. Either the furniture is of wood, glass, plastic, steel, ply, cardboard wood or any other material, it needs certain care to stay strong and look good. Here are the few tips for care and maintenance of furniture –

Cleaning Instructions

– Do the dusting regularly with a damp, soft cloth preferably cotton and keep the surface dry completely.
– Always avoid solvents, waxes, ammonia and other strong chemicals for cleaning the furniture. If required, clean the furniture with a small amount of non-alkaline dish soap in lukewarm water.
– Polishing should be done in proper intervals and should be avoided if not required. Use a no-wax liquid polish on a soft cloth.

Care Instruction

– Liquids should be sponged immediately from the surface.
– Don’t expose furniture to extreme cold, heat, or wide humidity variances
– Protect the furniture from possible damage caused by pens and sharp objects by using a desk pad
– Whenever a protective glass top is used, place felt or cork spacers under the glass and allow the wood to breathe.

Fabric Cleaning and Care Instruction

– Clean the stain gently with a water-based cleaning solution. Blot the stain with a cloth dampened in solution.
– We recommend the cleaning by professional furniture cleaning service provider. But in case if you are doing it at home, wet a cloth in mild, pure, water-free dry cleaning solvent and clean the spot gently.

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