Aspects of Wooden Furniture

Buying wooden furniture is a tricky job. It is not easy to identify the quality and durability of furniture just by seeing it. But as wooden furniture is the most prevalent and loved of all, Stellar Furniture would like to make it simple for you. Here are the few important aspects that should be looked for before buying wooden furniture

Source of Wood – The type of wood and its origin decides the quality and durability of furniture. Softwood, hardwood and re-engineered wood are used in furniture manufacturing. Maple, Mahogony, Oak, Teak, Cherry, Walnut and Birch are finest quality hardwood and furniture made of these woods is considered as premium. Cedar, Redwood, Pine and Fir comes under softwood category. These also make good furniture but chances of scratches and dents are more with this material. Plywood or re-engineered wood or engineered wood is the preferable material in modern furniture because of its toughness, strength and affordable price.

Manufacturing Technique – Often good material furniture does not last longer because of the bad manufacturing. Joints should be properly fixed, glue should not be visible outside and design should be functional. Often beautiful and unique design is not functional and does not solve the purpose. All the aspects like design, functionality, shape, size, color, angles, balance capacity, texture, smoothness in functioning, etc. should be taken care while manufacturing furniture.

Perfection in Looks – Check the furniture properly, scan the finish from all angles and touch the piece to feel it. Rough surface, stains, extra gloss, dents, scratches, splintered edges or dust spots are symbol of bad finishing of the furniture. Checking wooden furniture in quality parameter is very important. Don’t compromise on quality.

Buying wooden furniture from renowned place is advisable as it has lots of variants available in the market. Renowned furniture stores in the market have earned trust with the quality that they are delivering and thus, they should be preferred. Ask questions and let the sales person know that you are an aware buyer and he cannot fool you in quality parameters.

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Which one will you pick to show that right attitude like a #Boss??
To get customized #furniture like this.


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