Aspects of Wooden Furniture

Buying wooden furniture is a tricky job. It is not easy to identify the quality and durability of furniture just by seeing it. But as wooden furniture is the most prevalent and loved of all, Stellar Furniture would like to make it simple for you. Here are the few important aspects that should be looked for before buying wooden furniture

Source of Wood – The type of wood and its origin decides the quality and durability of furniture. Softwood, hardwood and re-engineered wood are used in furniture manufacturing. Maple, Mahogony, Oak, Teak, Cherry, Walnut and Birch are finest quality hardwood and furniture made of these woods is considered as premium. Cedar, Redwood, Pine and Fir comes under softwood category. These also make good furniture but chances of scratches and dents are more with this material. Plywood or re-engineered wood or engineered wood is the preferable material in modern furniture because of its toughness, strength and affordable price.

Manufacturing Technique – Often good material furniture does not last longer because of the bad manufacturing. Joints should be properly fixed, glue should not be visible outside and design should be functional. Often beautiful and unique design is not functional and does not solve the purpose. All the aspects like design, functionality, shape, size, color, angles, balance capacity, texture, smoothness in functioning, etc. should be taken care while manufacturing furniture.

Perfection in Looks – Check the furniture properly, scan the finish from all angles and touch the piece to feel it. Rough surface, stains, extra gloss, dents, scratches, splintered edges or dust spots are symbol of bad finishing of the furniture. Checking wooden furniture in quality parameter is very important. Don’t compromise on quality.

Buying wooden furniture from renowned place is advisable as it has lots of variants available in the market. Renowned furniture stores in the market have earned trust with the quality that they are delivering and thus, they should be preferred. Ask questions and let the sales person know that you are an aware buyer and he cannot fool you in quality parameters.

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This New Year Welcome Newness

New Year is almost here and you must be planning lot of things to make it happy and happening. So what are the changes you are going to make in the year 2015 to make it different from 2014? You cannot change your relatives & friends (just few new can be added in the list), you might not be able to change your home, there is a very little possibility of changing job or business, and just a little change can be brought in daily routine. But is that enough for a desired change in life in 2015? Think about it…

Stellar Furniture is coming up with a fabulous range of Home and Office Furniture to change the complete ambiance around you in 2015. Comfort oriented designs, scientific manufacturing technique, new and trendy fabric, refreshing colors served with the same trustworthy quality material. There is newness to adore in every piece of furniture we are offering this season. Visit the nearest Stellar Furniture Store to feel the newness and welcome it in your life.
Stellar Furniture wishes you a very #HappyNewYear in advance!

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Modular Office Furniture

When it comes to buying furniture, the following points are taken into consideration: Comfort, Elegance, Material and Choice. Keeping these points in mind, Stellar makes sure that the needs are met and excellence is delivered with every product!

Office Chair

Office is where the staff spends the maximum hours of the day. Work is related with stress and anxiety and well crafted office furniture chair can help relieve stress and provide comfort. Sturdy wood or strengthened metal/plastic fibre is molded to make the right angles that act as support to the spinal cord. As office work may demand long hours of sitting in front of a computer system, we at Stellar take care of shaping and cushion of seats to ensure comfortable sitting. Moreover, the material, the framing and the use of appropriate cushioning is taken care to make sure that seats are scientifically apt to avoid back problems which are common among those people who have long sitting hour job. A considerable research process is assigned before the designing. This research process takes pain to ensuring ‘Excellence’ while delivering the product. After all, your satisfaction is our reward!

With love and affection, Stellar Furniture has opened up its avenues in the major parts of the country. We have 15 stores across India to delivers both Office as well as Home Furnishings. To know the store locations, please click here Furniture Stores.

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Office Furniture

Office Furniture

The biggest challenge for Start-ups is to get the set-up in minimum cost and manage the funds for first few months to get the cycle rolling. Setting-up a new office means managing the amount for premises, salaries, equipments, machineries and furniture. We make it a little bit easy for you by providing affordable office furniture in stylish collection along with best deals.

Stellar Furniture is a leading name in Office Furniture segment. We have wide range of office chairs, cabinets, cubicles, reception units, coffee tables, inventory organizers, desks, workstations, drawers, book shelves, conference tables, reception tables, waiting room chairs, revolving chairs, benches, computer tables, etc. You can check out the office furniture collection at our stores in Aurangabad, Bangalore, Bhopal, Bilaspur, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai, Nagarcoil (Kanyakumari), New Delhi, Noida (SIS), Patna, Pune, Raipur & Udupi (Karnataka).

We understand the pain & passion of setting up a start-up and that’s why we assure you to give the best deal on complete order of office furniture.

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The Best Business Opportunity is calling You

Are you planning to start a new business but don’t know what to do? Do you want to start a safe and reliable business? Are you looking for an opportunity to enter in the successful business model? If answer to any of the question is ‘yes’, you are exactly at the right place, just a step away from the world class business opportunity.

Stellar Furniture is offering Office and Home Furniture Franchise globally. It’s a leading name in furniture industry since 1988. Initially it was started as a small scale furniture manufacturing company with an aim to deliver the quality and fashion in furniture. Same is the vision but with an amazing expansion globally. Stellar Furniture handpicks the premium quality, functional and fashionable furniture from varied parts of the world majorly from Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Italy, China and Brazil. With headquarter at Indore, Stellar Furniture operates furniture import &export globally and has various stores worldwide through a well connected franchisee chain.
Office ad Home Furniture Franchise
8.1% economic growth was registered in Indian furniture industry during 2011 and it is continuously growing at a steady rate. Statistics show that furniture industry is safe to start a new venture and it becomes even more convenient for you with Stellar Furniture as we have an experience of handling 7 franchisees successfully. At present in India, Stellar Furniture is having furniture franchisees in Hyderabad, Kolkata, Luknow, Nagercoil, Pune, Patna,Udupi.

Contact us at here or email us at for franchise enquiry and we will share the details.

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Tips for Care & Maintenance of Furniture

‘The more you care, the longer they live’ this is what we say to everyone who ask us what’s the durability and life of furniture. The way you take care of your vehicles by regular washing, timely servicing, fueling and oiling your furniture also needs same care to remain strong, shining and attractive for a longer time. Either the furniture is of wood, glass, plastic, steel, ply, cardboard wood or any other material, it needs certain care to stay strong and look good. Here are the few tips for care and maintenance of furniture –

Cleaning Instructions

– Do the dusting regularly with a damp, soft cloth preferably cotton and keep the surface dry completely.
– Always avoid solvents, waxes, ammonia and other strong chemicals for cleaning the furniture. If required, clean the furniture with a small amount of non-alkaline dish soap in lukewarm water.
– Polishing should be done in proper intervals and should be avoided if not required. Use a no-wax liquid polish on a soft cloth.

Care Instruction

– Liquids should be sponged immediately from the surface.
– Don’t expose furniture to extreme cold, heat, or wide humidity variances
– Protect the furniture from possible damage caused by pens and sharp objects by using a desk pad
– Whenever a protective glass top is used, place felt or cork spacers under the glass and allow the wood to breathe.

Fabric Cleaning and Care Instruction

– Clean the stain gently with a water-based cleaning solution. Blot the stain with a cloth dampened in solution.
– We recommend the cleaning by professional furniture cleaning service provider. But in case if you are doing it at home, wet a cloth in mild, pure, water-free dry cleaning solvent and clean the spot gently.

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